DISH TV New Promo Deals – $59.99/mo For 190 Channels

DISH TV New Promo Deals – $59.99/mo For 190 Channels

If you have been following the news, DISH has been seriously ramping up their offering of DISH Network deals and services for 2019. And for good reason- Over-the-air and streaming services will do nothing but grow over the next few years. Traditional providers must become more competitive as a result.

Now is the best time ever to get DISH TV!

New customers should click the DISH promo link or call the phone number below. That guarantees you will get the best pricing available anywhere. The offers below are valid for a limited time only.

Today’s Best Dish TV Promotions & Deals

New customers can sign up for DISH Network TV service for only $59.99 per month total price. Deal includes 190 channels. Plus if you sign up today, you get a Free Google Home Mini.

Want even more savings? Use the following DISH promotional code when you sign up!

  • 12 Free Pay-Per-View Movies on DISH using code PPVEXCLUSIVE

Click here to sign up online for DISH Network, or call (844) 558-4431 to sign up by phone.

Sign Up Now Online or by Phone and Get All Five Special Bonuses

Bonus #1: In addition to the 190 channel package, you get HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and DISH Movie Pack, FREE for 3 months!

Bonus #2: Free professional installation! Most companies charge extra for setup and installation. For comparison, Verizon Fios is normally a $90 setup charge.

Bonus #3: Google Home Mini included!

Bonus #4: 2-Year Price Guarantee!

Bonus #5: HD Free for Life!

Best of all, with DISH there are absolutely no hidden charges on your bill. Sign up for $59.99 and that’s all you pay each month. Read on to learn more about the benefits of DISH Network TV service.

DISH Technology

Satellite service can seem very similar to cable. They typically offer the same selection of internet, TV, and and phone. However, that unto itself speaks to satellite TV’s success and growth. Initially a fallback for areas without cable access, satellite TV’s regional markets now overlap with cable companies.

Watch Video: DISH TV Commercial

DISH TV Packages

Subscribers can order DISH’s service packages individually or in bundles. Like other providers, subscribing to multiple services typically leads to discounts. DISH users can also customize their packages to accommodate service upgrades.


Satellite TV traditionally offers more channels than cable. DISH is no exception. Channels themselves also run the gamut, with plenty of options for each type of viewer. Unlike other TV providers, DISH actually has a more conservative channel setup. Viewers cannot customize their channel packages, at least beyond adding premium content. Pricing is also adjustable based off subscription length. One or two year plans cost less per month as a general rule.

All “America’s Top” packages include 1 year of FREE HBO!

America’s Top 120 Plus

DISH’s basic TV package has 190+ channels in actuality. Those familiar with cable will recognize plenty of channels across genres. Satellite TV, DISH’s basic package also includes a combination of new channels that cater to niche interests. Our featured Dish Network Promotions above include this bundle for only $69.99.

News: Options like CNN, CNBC, C-SPAN, WGN, and FOX are all available. The America’s Top 120+ also features some rarer options, including Russia Today, Newsmax, and Free Speech TV.

Movies: FX, IFC, Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney, AMC, Reelz, TV Land, and USA all come with DISH’s basic package. Other channels include Freeform, getTV, and Velocity.

Entertainment: MTV, Spike, Syfy, E!, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Destination America, CMT, and Comedy Central all make an appearance.

Education: Viewers can enjoy the Food Network, Discovery, Home and Garden, History, TLC, and the Travel Channel. The are some less common channels too, like NASA, Destination America, and ARTs.

Sports: Big10, Fox Sports, and ESPN are some examples of sports channels. More notably, viewers can also access premium content like MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice.

America’s Top 200 Plus

DISH’s next tier of channels offers more diversity. Surprisingly, however, some are standard on most cable packages. The inclusion of these generic channels at this level, rather America’s Top 120+ package, is a little lopsided. In turn, however, DISH also offers a number of channels that other cable providers charge for individually. Going month-to-month with this option costs $79.99.

News: BBC America

Movies: Bravo, Esquire, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Sundance,

Entertainment: BET, Boomerang, Discovery Family, Disney Jr., Disney XD, Game Show Network, Viceland, Oxygen, Teen Nick

Education: Cooking Channel, FYI, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic,

Sports: CBS Sports Network, NFL Network

America’s Top 250 Plus

DISH’s third tier offerings is their largest package. Niche channels are plentiful and there are some additional international options for those with the interest. Most notable is the entire Encore package’s inclusion. That alone adds eight more movie channels to select from. Of course, America’s Top 250 package also includes near every channel from DISH’s lower tiers. The month-to-month price is $89.99.

News: Bloomberg Television, The Blaze

Movies: The entire Encore package, Fox Movie Channel, MoviePlex, The Movie Channel,

Entertainment: American Heroes Channel, Chiller, Fusion, Great American Country, VH1 Classic

Education: National Geographic Wild, RFD-TV, Smithsonian Channel, Z Living

Sports: Bein Sport, Fox Sports 2, Ride TV, Tennis Channel

DISH Premium Channel Packages

DISH’s current promotion offers three months of free premium channels. That’s a big deal if we consider the savings. Like other service providers, DISH can charge a hefty fee for each premium package.

  • HBO: $15/mo, 9 channels
  • Showtime: $15/mo, 9 channels including Flix and The Movie Channel
  • Cinemax: $10/mo, 6 channels
  • Starz: $10/mo, 8 channels including Encore
  • DISH Movie Pack: $10/mo, 20 channels including Hallmark, Encore Suspense, FXM, and MGM
  • Epix: $7/mo 4 channels
  • Encore: $6/mo, including

Sports Packages

DISH also offers sports packages for diehard fans. While worthwhile, plenty actually show up in the America’s Top 200+ and America’s Top 250+ Core packages. Some are exclusively add-ons, however, so take note.

  • Multi-Sport Pack: $13/mo, 41 channels including beIN Sports, The Fox Sports family, the Comcast networks, and professional league channels
  • MLB Extra Innings: $165/season for 100 out-of-market regular season MLB games
  • NBA League Pass: $49/season for up to 40 live games per week
  • NHL Center Ice: $49.99/season for up to 40 out-of-market games per week
  • FOX Soccer Plus w/ Rugby: $15/mo for coverage of numerous soccer and rugby leagues
  • Outdoor Package: $4/mo for Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, and Outside Television
  • Willow Cricket HD: $14.99/mo
  • Racetrack Television Network: $50/mo for 80 live feeds of horse races across the world

Lifestyle Channel Packages

There are a few of programming options for viewers. Lifestyle channel packages are for gaining specific channels without subscribing for the top two tiers of DISH’s Core TV package. Good for curbing channel selection, most will find opting for a larger package more cost effective.

  • Heartland: $6/mo, 10 channels that include Hallmark, Discover Family, Game Show Network, RFD TV, and UP
  • The Blaze: $5/mo

International Packages

Some international channels are available through DISH’s core packages. However, their international offerings are far more robust. Each package is typically organized by region or language.

Pricing varies according to each option, though viewers can also combine them. Like anything else, channel lineups change occasionally. Right now DISH has 270 + international channels in 28 languages. Those who follow international media are sure find some worthwhile options.


TV services not offering DVR are in trouble. The feature is increasingly prevalent, as well a way to mitigate today’s streaming options. DISH already creates their own satellites and receivers. Offering their own DVRs is a natural continuation of that policy. They make quality equipment as well. Specs include:

  • 2 TB of recording space
  • HD support
  • Parental controls
  • App compatibility
  • 6 channel tuner
  • Recording scheduler
  • Video controls including instant reply

Dedication to the whole-home entertainment helps make DISH unique. Adding their Joey routers spreads the range from the DVR can reach TVs. Most also expand capabilities. The Super Joey, for example, expands the Hopper’s 6 channel tuner to 8.

Of course, DVR access comes with its own costs. The current promotion adds DVR for an additional $10. DISH’s America’s Top 120+ package with DVR, for instance, is $69.99 per month.

Dish Hopper 3 and other Additions

DISH already has an exceptional DVR. Its capabilities are falling behind the times, however. Recent press covering the Dish Hopper 3 highlights a number of improvements. Many of these are updates that make the DVR more viable. Some are really exciting us.

  • 4K Ultra compatibility
  • Up to 4 channel split screen
  • App integration of streaming services
  • 16 channel tuner
  • Support for simultaneous streams of up to 7 TVs
  • Voice recognition technology
  • Netflix compatibility!

Enjoying 4K entertainment throughout the house is also upcoming, as the Joey is receiving a similar update for 4K compatibility. Setup should be a cinch, at least if previous models are any indication. Taking recordings should also be simple in the near future. The HopperGO, for instance, can store up to 100 hours of HD content for devices and computers.

DISH Anywhere, Apps, and Online

Well aware of online alternatives, DISH also adds universal access. They have apps for Android, Apple, and Kindle, as well online access for computers. On-demand titles are available along with recordings. Even more impressive, live TV is completely streamable. Those looking to initiate recordings on-the-go are also in luck. DISH Anywhere enables remote access to the DVR, making management far more convenient.DISH free voice remove and DVR

DISH Outdoor

Those satellites can come in handy. A nice benefit to using DISH is the ability to take TV outdoors, or on the road, in RVs. HD is completely possible, as is quickly switching setup to receive local networks. Special satellite dishes are necessary, but affordable. What is important is compatibility. DISH works with a number of manufacturers to ensure smooth setups. There are few plans the RV users can select.

  • Smart Pack: $36.99/mo, 55+ channels
  • America’s Top 120: $59.99/mo, 190+ channels
  • America’s Top 120 +: $69.99/mo, 190+ channels and Regional Sports Networks
  • America’s Top 200: $79.99/mo, 240+ channels
  • America’s Top 250: $89.99/mo, 290+ channels

DISH High-Speed Internet

Internet from DISH is not exactly the fastest available. However, it is consistent. Subscribers can select between two different packages. These can be standalone or come with a TV or Phone subscription.

  • Good DSL Internet– 12 mbps, $49.99/mo for a two year contract
  • Better DSL Internet– 40 mbps, $59.99/mo for a two year contract

DISH Phone Service

Those looking for phone service will find DISH feasible. Other providers have more competitive plans. To be fair, though, DISH uses a satellite system. There are two plans currently available.

  • Basic Phone: $10/mo, long distance costs an additional $0.05 per minute
  • Nationwide Phone: $20/mo, 3000 minutes of long distance time, additional costs $0.05 per minute

Notably, DISH’s phone features are strong. Subscribers can access a numerous options that bring phone service into the 21st century. Influence obviously comes from cell service. Some features are worth mentioning.

  • Caller ID
  • ID blocking
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Voicemail with email
  • 3-way calling

Customer Support and Other Benefits

DISH’s approach is more traditional than other cable companies’ customizable packages. Perhaps this is on purpose, as the provider puts serious thought into its customer service.

This is nothing new.

Since 2010 DISH has ranked #1 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Makes sense, as setting up and troubleshooting satellites can be more complex than cable. DISH’s approach is an important factor for anyone looking to try satellite services for the first time.

Satellite vs. Cable

The real difference is that satellite TV requires a satellite dish. Once massive, these have significantly shrunk in recent years. Most easily sit on the roof and attract minimum attention.

Arrangement and type is also important. Some homes may require an additional dish to receive specific programming or otherwise guarantee a connection. Finding secondhand dishes is possible, but be aware. Older dish types may be incapable of receiving HD programming or other large scale inputs. Even if compatible, second-hand dishes may have connectivity issues where newer versions have none. Most customers will find it dramatically easier to merely use the dishes that DISH suggests upon setup.

DISH vs. Other TV Providers

A premium reputation can tarnish over the years. DISH’s, however, never has. One of the prime reasons for this is its dedication to quality equipment. The Hopper is among the best DVRs available.Similarly, DISH keeps updating its features. DISH Anywhere makes accessing media, and controlling the DVR, far more convenient. TiVO and other services have similar offerings. Price, however, is drastically different. DISH subscribers can access and use their DVR for an additional $10 rather than buy the hardware outright, something we should all consider.

In fact, DISH offers one of the most attractive deals available. Their site even has comparison charts for our convenience. Time and time again DISH proves itself more affordable. Hidden fees, meanwhile, are nonexistent. Other standbys like price protection, two years in DISH’s case, are also sparse among competitors. Prices adjust with time. Chances are DISH will continue pricing itself competitively, however, while also offering the latest features.

Today’s Top DISH Network Deal for New Customers:
DISH TV with 190 Channels + Google Home Mini – $59.99/mo

Click here to sign up online for DISH Network, or call (844) 558-4431 to sign up by phone.

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