April 16, 2024


In short, CATV.org is a blog covering television. Created by TV lovers and for TV lovers.

I write about topics like the latest news, technology, must-watch shows, and occasionally I share promo deals for TV service.

Signing up for TV service can be expensive. And confusing. There are many different choices out there today.

  • Is Fiber better than regular cable?
  • What are my free or low cost options?
  • Is cable really necessary?
  • Can’t I just stream Netflix and Hulu?

I’m exploring all these questions and more. I hope to use what I learn to teach us both how to choose the best services at the lowest prices.

Thanks for reading and visit the contact page with any questions or inquiries.

From one life-long TV fan to another… Cheers!

Eric Anderson
Founder, CATV.org