May 21, 2024

10 Shows to Watch in Spring 2016 – Part 2

Much like nature itself, spring brings new life to TV land.

Traditionally one of the seasons that HBO and other stations unleash some of their heavy hitters, Spring 2016 will feature the continuation of many popular series. Even with all the fan favorites, some new programs made their way into our top five.

5. Schitt’s Creek

Placing the ultra lux in settings of drab Americana is older than Paris Hilton, but Schitt’s Creek makes us laugh anyway. The Roses continue to make do on their last remaining asset, a rural town that lacks all the amenities they are accustomed to in the big city.

On-spot performances punctuate smart writing, even if the show lacks the character depth and development of modern dramedies.

Viewers itching for a comparison may reach for Arrested Development because of the similar scenario, but that’s also a stretch. Schitt’s Creek altogether relies on a combination of punchlines and character acting all its own.

Watch what happens to the Roses next on Pop this March 16th.

4. Rush Hour

Joining the likes of Minority Report and Limitless, Rush Hour will be on cable this March. The show will use the same premise as the movies, with a black LAPD detective teaming with a Hong Kong detective to take down organized crime. Unlike other franchises that feature the same producers and actors, however, Rush Hour lacks any of its original talent. Not that Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan will never, ever, make a cameo, but the chances are slim.

The series should fine be without them, as the series creators boast Mad Men, Scrubs, and other hits under their belt.

Watch East meet West Coast starting March 31st on CBS.

3. Silicon Valley

Mike Judge’s new comedy continues into its third season this spring.

The spoof isn’t the first comedy to poke fun at the tech industry, but it is one of the smartest. Heavy on jargon, Silicon Valley makes the most of its setting without overwhelming the viewer. Scenarios play with the absurdities of the software industry, yes, but the show’s writers are never above including non-sequitur gags. Such randomness, in fact, is among the show’s greatest strengths.

See what happens to Plaid Piper next on HBO this April 24th.

2. The Night Manager

The Night Manager is yet another production of another John le Carré book. Fans of flicks such as The Constant Gardener or A Most Wanted Man should feel right at home.

Carré’s source material is in good hands as well, with Academy Award winning Susanne Bier to direct. Stars include Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and an army of character actors from the British airwaves.

The story concerns an arms dealing ring, so count on a dose of social criticism with the suspense.

The Night Manager premiers April 19th on AMC.

1. Game of Thrones

The fantasy series that rejuvenated a genre, Game of Thrones is again appearing this spring. Wholly based on the unpublished Winds of Winter, this season is the first that Song of Ice and Fire readers will be surprised as the rest of us. Viewers will learn what happens to characters like Jon Snow, the Baratheons, and Sansa Stark, all left last season with uncertain fates.

Dragons will breath fire and ice walls (may) melt starting April 24th on HBO.

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