June 20, 2024

13 Reasons to Watch the New TV Show 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

Note: Spoilers for the first season are in this article!

Netflix recently released a TV show that has caused a wave of movement on social media. The new TV show, 13 Reasons Why, tracks a story of a girl (Hannah Baker) who gives us the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. Each episode targets a specific person that has impacted her in her downward spiral into suicide.

This show has been trending on Twitter since its release and has had multiple social media shoutouts from Selena Gomez, a key influencer in producing the show.

Suicide and bullying are subjects that are uncomfortable for high schools to bridge, but this TV show and Selena’s voice have definitely made it easier. Kids are feeling more inclined to discuss the issues at hand, knowing that Hollywood is braving the topic.

While the TV show does drag on at times, the overarching theme of the show has great messages that should/could be great topics to talk with your children, family members, or friends about.

To some this show might seem like just another high school drama. To others, it might have a special place in their heart. Whatever your stance is on the show, here are 13 reasons why you should watch the new show 13 Reason Why:

1. It uncovers a hidden topic

People do not like to think about the gruesome topics like bullying, suicide, rape, etc. It is uncomfortable to think about them and even more to talk about them. This show reveals these topics in a digestible way that broadens your understanding of what going through these situations is like.

2. It depicts the mindset of someone struggling

The entire premise of the show is to explain how 13 people made this girl commit suicide. While they definitely had an impact on her life and made it a nightmare to live, she does not take any ownership of the issue. Hannah plainly states that these people are the reasons she kills herself. While people who struggle have been through a lot to get there, it is important to highlight that they need to fight the victim mindset.

3. It shows the difficulties of high school

For some, high school was a rough time and others it was a great time. But, it is fair to say that these are formidable years in a teens life and it is difficult to go through those times of bullying or social pressures. This show reminds us that high school is hard and be conscious of that.

4. It shows the power of friendship

Throughout the show, the girl finds friends and loses friends. Whenever she loses a friend, it takes a piece of her and hurts them both. Friendship has the power to impact a person tremendously and if not careful, that impact can do more harm than good.

5. It shows the backfire of suicide

Ironically, a boy who was one of Hannah reasons for committing suicide, ends up killing himself later in the show. He had received so much pressure from people knowing that he made her life miserable, that he could not live with himself. There were also other students that struggled with keeping their life or not because of the damage the suicide caused on them. This show reveals that suicide is often a backfire of suicide and needs to be considered.

6. It creates a great conversation starter

People talk about movies. They talk about recent films they saw, crazy scenes they remember, and make plans around watching movies and shows. All of these times create options to open a tough conversation up and learn more about the person.

7. It shows what signs to look for

During the show, Hannah tries to talk to multiple people about her struggles, but people either don’t believe her or try to minimize the pain. The topic is real and people need to learn how to notice it and serve the people in need.

8. It shows the importance of communicating your hurt

On the other hand, people struggling with suicidal thoughts need to learn how to communicate it, without fearing that they will get into trouble. Hannah is nervous to tell the school and when she does, she struggles to be completely open and honest with the facts. That is not her fault, but a lack of teaching on how to communicate those issues.

9. It shows a problem with the younger generation

One of the major reasons Hannah struggles is that there is an inappropriate picture of her that is sent via group text to the entire school. The younger generation has a tendency to hide behind their technology, thinking it doesn’t actually hurt someone. In reality, in stills pains the people that their assaults are pointed towards.

10. It speaks to high schoolers

Students have the power to impact each others lives more than they think. Whether they are best friends or not, people look for affirmation and connectedness from anyone during lonely times. High schoolers can lead in this by overlooking groups and just loving each other.

11. It speaks to parents

Hannah’s parents had no idea that these issues were happening to the girl. Granted, she kept it fairly hid from them. However, this brings to light the fact that parents might not know how to breach the topic with their kids in a loving way that minimizes their kid’s fear.

12. It is a quality show

Overall, the show is produced very well. Great actors, shot nicely, and has content that keeps you hooked for the entire season. There are slow parts, but you will want to watch most of it.

13. It is trending

It is good to be in the know with trending information. While this point is somewhat light to end the list on, knowing daily talking points can be a great way to get to know co-workers, friends, or other relationships.

No matter where you are in life, 13 Reasons Why can be beneficial to you. Whether you are thinking of committing suicide, know someone who wants to, a parent of a student, or simply someone who has friends in pain, you can help someone fight this battle.

Suicide and bullying are hard topics to have conversations around, but Hollywood has opened the door in a large way for you. Don’t let this moment pass from you. Take action and brave that hard conversation if you need to.

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