July 19, 2024

5 Halloween Classics You Can Stream Right Now

5 Halloween Classics You Can Stream Right Now

If you are looking to get in the mood for the fall season, our list of five Halloween classics you can stream right now will keep you glued to your seat and thoroughly entertained. Our inventory includes family-friendly favorites, thrillers, mysteries, and horror movies that have stood the test of time and are a must-see.

Carrie (1976)

Carrie was a hit when it was released, and that’s one of the reasons it’s at the top of our list of five Halloween classics you can stream right now.

This film is based on the novel written by Stephen King and features a bullied teen girl named Sissy Spacek, who discovers her telekinetic abilities and uses them to lash out at the popular kids in her school when they play a cruel joke on her at the school prom.

Carrie features Piper Lauri, William Katt, John Travolta, and Amy Irving. You’ll find many suspenseful elements in addition to an overall chilling feeling to the story consistent with King’s writing style. There is also a bit of blood and some violence in some of the scenes, and this film is rated R.

Where to Stream This Film: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, iTunes, AMC, and Amazon Prime Video.

Casper (1995)

Casper is an excellent family-friendly Halloween movie that tells the tale of a friendly ghost.

When the well-known “Ghost Therapist” Dr. James Harvey and his daughter Kat move into the Whipstaff Manor to help the stubborn ghost trio- Stinkie, Stretch, and Fatso- move on, many hilarious shenanigans ensue.

The uncooperative ghosts don’t believe that the “fleshies” should be in their manor, but the new owners are eager to renovate and sell the place to make a buck. Kat soon strikes up a friendship with a friendly ghost, Casper, and together they learn how to share their haunted home.

This movie has impressive special effects and a humorous storyline that makes it a fun adventure for the whole family. Casper features a young Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Cathy Moriarty, and Eric Idle.

Where to Stream This Film: YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies & TV.

Scream (1996)

Scream was a popular 90’s movie back in the day, but the story and the all-star cast make it a classic. This movie combines some thriller style story elements, with some fun and scary moments.

Even if you’ve seen this film before, the comedic qualities continue to provide entertainment. The story revolves around a young teen girl who tragically lost her mother the previous year.

This high school girl and her friends end up being stalked by a horror movie-obsessed serial killer. While the premise sounds dark and scary, the story includes a comedic lightness that doesn’t sacrifice the fun of a scary movie.

Scream features David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and based on a script written by the same person who created The Vampire Diaries and The Following.

Where to Stream This Film: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, and iTunes.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Sixth Sense is a drama/mystery movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan that involves Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, who meets a haunted eight-year-old child named Cole.

Dr. Crowe is unprepared to help Cole, who has an additional or sixth sense that allows him to see and often communicate with those who have passed away.

The story becomes more riveting as mysterious events complicate the situation the characters face, and the consequences they endure become more dire. The Sixth Sense features Oscar quality performances by Bruce Willis, Toni Collette, Haley Joel Osment, and Olivia Williams.

Where to Stream This Film: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Netflix.

Gremlins (1984)

The Gremlins movie may take place during the holiday season in a small town called Kingston Falls, but this thriller has some twists viewers won’t expect.

A father brings home a unique pet for his son from Chinatown called a Mogwai, and the rules for its care are simple:

  • Keep the Mogwai away from water
  • Avoid bright lights
  • Never, ever feed the Mogwai after midnight

It seems like following these rules should be simple, but only a few missteps later, the consequences are both staggering and exhilarating.

This movie features performances by Hoyt Axton, Polly Holliday, Zach Galligan, and Phoebe Cates.

Where to Stream This Film: Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

Other Suggested Films

Our list of five Halloween classics you can stream right now are an excellent place to start, but if you’re looking for more horror movies to get you through this fall we’d also suggest:

  • The Babysitter (2017)
  • Cabin in The Woods (2011)
  • The Shining (1980)
  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

This list of suggested films features movies that all have a definitively scary theme to them, but also have moments of humor, mystery, and drama. They aren’t suitable for younger audiences, but they’re great for viewing alone or with a group of friends.

If you’re hungry for even more films, check out your favorite streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or iTunes for even more content. Also keep an eye out for movies, like Carrie, that have remakes if you prefer more contemporary films.

These sites frequently separate their movies into genres, and you’ll find that the horror movie section will include movies dating back to the 1970s that are also mixes of other types, such as drama, comedy, and thrillers.

Final Thoughts

Great horror movies may vary based on the type of horror movie that you like best, but the genre is well known for mash-ups that include elements you’d find in thrillers, mysteries, dramas, and comedies.

Some of the more popular horror films, such as Scream, have an element of humor that helps to lift the mood and accentuate the parts of the film that viewers find creepy or scary. Using this method, filmmakers can create more magnificent build up between key scenes and prevent viewers from getting bored.

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