June 21, 2024

News you might have missed this last week

Tim Allen from Last Man Standing

We all live busy lives. At the same time, each of us want to stay in the know with topics and trends that we are passionate about. That can be hard with the overbooked schedules of work, sports, school, dates, and any other commitment you might have.

We at CATV realize this and wanted to give you a snapshot of the TV and Movie news that you might have missed last week. While this list will not be comprehensive, it will lightly cover all the recent developments.

By staying up to date with the industry, you will be able to carry on conversations with your friends and also show that you are staying knowledgeable in the industry. Here are 8 news topics that you should read if you want to stay up to date on the industry.

1. Multiple TV Show cancelled across the networks

A lot of shows have faced the axe recently. While these shows got poor ratings to get cancelled, it is worth taking a look at them to see if any of your shows might have been cut.

Sleepy Hollows: After an initial success, the show was cancelled after four seasons. The show dropped 37% in viewers from the previous season.

Pitch: This show followed the first fictional female MLB fell short on the ratings and viewing scales.

Last Man Standing: After six seasons, Tim Allen’s show closed shop. Allen had a good sprint in the show, but couldn’t last one more season.

Time After Time: Freddie Stroma’s freshman drama show only lasted five episodes and failed to get any good ratings.

Emerald City: The Wizard of Oz offshoot failed to impress crowds after one season and ratings slowly fell each episode.

The Blacklist: Redemption: Some of you might have watched Blacklist, which the “Redemption” is a spin off. It fell short to impress viewers only for one season.

No Tomorrow: The show following a guy and a girl thinking the world will end in an apocalyptic death fell short with viewers rating, getting less than one million viewers.

2 Broke Girls: The show following two girl waitresses has been cancelled after six seasons by not impressing viewers.

Doubt: This drama centered around the courtroom was ended after only two episodes.

Girl Meets World: Some of you might remember the “Boy meets Girl” TV show. This show was based on that, but got cancelled shortly after it’s launch.

Eyewitness: Following two boys dealing with seeing a triple homicide failed to impress any sort of viewers and was cancelled after 10 episodes.

2. Facebook is considering launching its own TV Shows

Facebook has claimed to be working on multiple (over 20 individual shows) that they will launch mid-June. These shows will come in two different types of production types, including a longer style and a shorter style. The longer will be similar to House of Cards or your normal TV shows, while the shorter will be 5-10 minute long productions.

This is Facebook’s way of getting a little bit of the TV show content market. It is also their way of addressing the fact that they closed down the Oculus TV show content creation statement and focusing on externally produced TV content.

3. Hacker stole and shared unreleased TV Shows

A hacker, who goes by the name “thedarkoverlord” claims to have hacked multiple networks and is wanting ransom to not release. These cyberattacks have drastically increased lately and the government has been notified.

People will be curious to see how Netflix and the other networks that were hacked respond to this. It will also tell the potential future hackers to either beware or join the hacking movement.

4. Disney opens Avatar park

Walt Disney World is opening a new theme park based on the movie, Avatar. The park is called Pandora and it opens near the end of May. This park comes with rides, kid’s activities, and unique “Pandora-ian” food.

The park has been in the making for quite some time now and Disney is excited to release a lot of new features to it in the coming years.

5. NBC is ordering a TV show around Virtual Reality

NBC has ordered a show that caters to the future and people’s fears around virtual reality. The show, called Reverie, focuses on a former hostage negotiator that helps people who are lost in a virtual reality world. The show is sure to raise some questions about virtual reality and even potentially new jobs that could come in the future.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wins box office again

For the second week straight, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 won the box office by bringing in an estimated $63 million. This brings the total earnings of the movie to be over $260 million.

7. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword failed to impress moviegoers

Coming in behind Guardians of the Galaxy, Amy Schumer’s new movie, Snatched, made $17.5 million. The largest failure of the weekend was King Arthur’s movie which barely made $14 million for its opening weekend.

8. Snapchat disappointed investors on first earnings call

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, failed to please it’s investors during its first earnings call. This comes as no surprise to the seasoned investors, but the millennial investors were shocked at how the stock dropped quickly after.

Snapchat has been trying to lead the augmented reality by placing filters over people’s faces and recently has allowed users to project items onto other items. However, this is not where the company wants to stop. The thought is that they will also venture into media production or distribution. Whether they produce their own shows or leverage their platform to distribute externally produced shows, Snap Inc. needs to step up and produce some good news for their investors.

The media industry is always changing and providing new and exciting news. This weekend did not disappoint with the news that it brought. This summary does exhaust the list, or even scratch the surface of all the news, but it does bring in a high level overview so that you do not get behind in the industry.

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