April 16, 2024

Six Reasons to Watch “One Day at a Time”

One night I was cuddled up with my mint chocolate chip ice cream scrolling through Netflix when I saw the beautiful trailer for One Day at a Time. This show reminds me of everything that I love about television shows in the 90’s mixed with relevant issues. One Day at a Time filled a hole in my heart that I did not know existed, and the world needs to know why. Here is Netflix’s description of the show;

“In a reimagining of the TV classic, a newly single Latina mother raises her teen daughter and tween son with the “help” of her old-school mom.”

There is so much more to the show beyond the brief description, so do not underestimate what this show has to offer. The show follows a single mom of two, her mother, and the owner of the building who ends up being a close family friend. This show follows them through their life as they handle their day-to-day problems and grow closer as a family.

The original show premiered in 1975 and was on the air until 1984. Currently, there are a few shows and movies that are being re-made or brought back. I had not seen the original show when I started watching, but curiosity crept into my heart and I had to watch the original roots of the show that I have come to love. Now that I have finished watching the original, I see that it is definitely a classic, but the remake is also amazing. Netflix’s version is very different than the original, but some of the original aspects are still present.

Here are six reasons why you should watch!

1. Rita Moreno

If you have not heard of Rita Moreno, well, she is a name that deserves to be remembered. She is a Puerto Rican actress with an acting career that has lasted over 70 years. Moreno is one of twelve people to ever win an Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, & a Tony (also known as EGOT). This is a very impressive feat and speaks to her amazing talent. Her character is the grandmother, who grew up in Cuba and immigrated to America. Her sense of humor, ego, and loving personality makes her personality one that I cannot keep my eyes off!

2. Hilarious!

OMG, I laugh way too hard at this show! There were a few scenes that if I was drinking juice, it would have sprinkled out of my nose. This is one of those shows where I kick my feet as I cackle at the back and forth banter. The humor is very clean and is in great taste (which can sometimes be a rarity), but I am often rewinding the show to relive the joke. I believe that if the joke is rich, you have to live through it at least twice.

3. Two Seasons on Netflix with Hope for More

The show has had two successful seasons on Netflix which are all available to stream now. There are people who are asking (some even sent in an official letter) for the show to be renewed for a third season. Currently, there are 26 episodes ready for your streaming pleasure and with hope, there will be more to come! I personally have re-watched this series multiple times and continue to send out positive thoughts into the world that there will be more seasons. I need more seasons. #please

4. Current Issues

One of the things I love most about this show is that it is very relevant and talks about issues that people are currently facing. The family has Cuban roots so there are a lot of discussions around foreign culture, but also immigration into the U.S. The mother was a Veteran and has PTSD from her prior military experience. The show follows her experience as she handles her PTSD and shows a raw side of her character as she seeks help and finding a support system. There are also themes of LGBTQ+ and gaining acceptance with yourself, family, and the community.

5. Quotable

One of the things that I personally look for in a show or movie, is its quotability. Boy, is this show quotable! I will say that most of the one-liners that I remember are said by Rita Moreno, but there are other great quotes as well. I do not want to spoil anything, so I will leave out my favorites, but know this…. “You have captured my essence.”

6. Relatable

I think the reason why I enjoy this show so much is that I find it very relatable and it reminds me of moments that I shared with my family growing up. There are many things in this show that I have never experienced growing up in a small Vermont town, but there are many moments that take me back to my childhood. There is a whole episode dedicated to car issues that Penelope (the mother) was having with her car and she talks about all of the ways that they had to “baby” it. I laughed so hard at this scene as it brought me back to some duct tape moments that my family had with their car many, many years ago.

Don’t Look Back and Start Streaming

Overall, I am addicted to this show for all of the reasons listed above and for many, many more. This show is what you need after a long day as you eat your favorite ice cream and relax. I believe that you will not regret watching this show which will probably turn into a Netflix Binge.
Treat yourself and give this glorious show a chance!

Matthew Stephen Cartner

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