July 19, 2024

How To Cancel a Starz Subscription

Cancel Starz Subscription

Have you noticed your bank account getting too low with all your subscription plans? Need to minimize monthly charges? Or are you simply not getting the same value out of your streaming services?

Eventually, we all get to the point where we want to pull the plug and cancel. The average American family spends $200 per month on average with streaming plans. So if you want to say goodbye to Starz, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve outlined in detail exactly how you can do it. We can help you cancel Starz no matter which app, device, or manual method you like.

Cancel Starz Subscription Over The Phone

Calling Starz is a surefire way to connect to a service representative that day. Just call Fair Go 24/7 live support line at 1-855-247-9175. You can speak to a person who will cancel Starz for you automatically.

Cancel Starz Subscription Through Your Online Browser

Calling it quits with Starz through your browser is perhaps the most popular way to cancel a monthly subscription or a free trial period. Follow these steps:

  1. Search for the Starz homepage
  2. Click on the “Have Starz” icon
  3. Click on “Starz Streaming
  4. Log in to your account with username and password
  5. Click on “Settings”
  6. Now click on “Subscription,” then “Cancel My Subscription”
  7. A prompt will appear that lets you cancel directly

Cancel Starz Through Email

Canceling Starz via email isn’t the fastest way to leave the subscription service. But it is the best method if you have specific complaints to share. You may not get a response in a day, but you will get a personal reply and direction if you want to pursue any grievances.

There are two ways to email Starz:

Email them directly at help@starz.com
Visit the Starz “Contact Us” page and fill out the provided form

Cancel Starz Subscription Through Amazon Prime

The most popular channel that Americans use to subscribe (and cancel!) to Starz is Amazon Prime. But, unfortunately, you’ll only be able to cancel Starz through Amazon Prime if you began your subscription there. That is, if you ordered Starz originally with Apple TV, you wouldn’t be able to cancel on Amazon Prime.

Here’s how you can cancel Starz through Amazon Prime:

  1. Log in to the Prime account that’s linked to your Starz account.
  2. Click on “Accounts & Lists”
  3. Click on “Memberships & Subscriptions”
  4. Now select “Prime Video Channels”
  5. From here, select “Cancel Channel” next to Starz in the “Actions” section
  6. Fill out the brief form indicating you want to cancel.

Cancel Starz Subscription On Fire TV

The Fire TV device from Amazon works similarly to Amazon Prime. Cancel with the following steps:

  1. Locate the Starz app icon on your Fire TV dashboard
  2. Next, visit “App Store Subscriptions”
  3. Click on “Starz”
  4. Choose “Actions,” then finally click on “Cancel Your Subscription”

Cancel Starz Subscription On An Android Device

Are you one of the millions of people who opened a Starz account on an Android device? Then you’re in the same boat when it comes to canceling the subscription. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your everyday browser, then click on the “3 dots” icons in the upper right.
  2. It will show “Request Desktop Site.” Click it. Search for the Starz site.
  3. When the Starz desktop site shows up, click on the “3 lines” icon to the upper left.
  4. Log in, enter your Starz-associated email.
  5. Click on “Log in With Starz” and log in.
  6. Go to your “Profile,” then “Settings,” then “Subscription,” then “Cancel.”
  7. Read the notice and cancel.

Cancel Starz Subscription On iPhone Or iOS Device

Leaving behind a Starz subscription on an iPhone is almost the same as canceling on an Android Device. The only differences are:

  1. Choose “Settings,” then select your name on the top of the screen.
  2. Select “iTunes & App Store,” then your “Apple ID.”
  3. Put in your password, then click “Subscriptions,” then “Starz.”
  4. Select “Cancel Subscription,” and you’re finished.

Cancel Starz Subscription Through Apple TV

Apple TV has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds recently, and Starz subscriptions often begin on an Apple TV unit. As you’d expect from an Apple product, canceling Starz is simple:

  1. Select “Settings,” then visit “iTunes & App Store.”
  2. Click on your Apple ID, then click “View Apple ID.”
  3. Put in your Apple ID password (the one you use for all Apple products), then press OK.
  4. Go to “Subscriptions,” then “Manage.”
  5. Select the Starz icon, then slide the “Automatic Renewal” icon to “Off.”

Cancel Starz Subscription Through Roku

Roku offers perhaps the most streamlined platform for beginning and canceling subscriptions like Starz. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Boot up the device and click on “Options.”
  2. Select “Manage Subscriptions.” Here’s you’ll see all the relevant cancellation dates.
  3. To cancel Starz, click on “Cancel Subscriptions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Canceling your Starz subscription is one thing, but what do you do if something has gone awry? Have they wrongly deducted a monthly fee? Do you have a question about free trials? Check out the FAQs below for guidance and advice.

What Do I Do If Starz Charged My Credit Card After I Cancelled?

This situation occurs a lot. It’s one of Starz’s most common complaints. The best way to revise the issue and get your money back is surprisingly simple. Just call their hotline. It’s available 24/7 at 1-855-247-9175.

Does The Starz Free Trial Auto-Renew Into The Paid Plan?

Yes, it does. As long as you allow the free trial to elapse past its final day, Starz considers you a paying customer. They will put a charge on your card right away (though they may not deduct the monthly fee for a few days). Avoid this irritating charge by noting down the free trial end date on your calendar.

Can You Pause A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, no. It’s uncommon for large subscription services like Starz, Showtime, HBO Max, and Hulu to extend a pause option to customers. You have the allotted period to watch for free, then they will charge.

Will I Get A Prorated Refund If I Cancel A Paid Monthly Starz Subscription?

Starz does not offer prorated refunds. That is, if you paid for a whole month then decided to cancel five days into the month, you won’t get credit back for the 25 days you didn’t use.


Starz has a good reputation for loyal customers. But unfortunately, almost everyone will eventually have to split ties with a subscription service–all it takes is a few clicks or a couple of words with a customer service rep. We hope our step-by-step advice can help you today!

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