July 19, 2024

How Does DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Work?

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If you’re a sports fan looking to watch more games played by your favorite teams, then you may find yourself asking, “how does DIRECTV NFL Sunday ticket work?”

We’ve all seen our share of sports packages that promise more game viewing options, so let’s explore what DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket has going for it and what that means for you, the viewer.

What is DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket?

The NFL Sunday Ticket is a TV package that allows viewers to watch games played by their favorite sports teams that might not otherwise be available. Many of the sports games found on cable packages or broadcast channels are ones selected for national television broadcast, and less critical games tend to get overlooked.

This selective broadcasting means that you may be missing out on games played by your favorite teams if you don’t live nearby, or the game isn’t chosen for broadcast by local affiliates.

Let’s say you don’t live in the same area as your favorite NFL team, but you want to see every game they play in all season long.

The NFL Sunday Ticket can make that possible without changing the way you watch other games.

DIRECTV offers viewers a subscription service that gives them access to “every game, every Sunday” per the company slogan. You can purchase a subscription from DIRECTV and get access to tons of games every week while also enjoying extra perks.

How is This Package Different?

One of the biggest perks of DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket is the number of unique features that cater directly to serious sports fans. This package not only allows you to watch a more significant amount of games, but you can also view up to eight games at once.

Using the Mix Channel feature, viewers can take advantage of multi-game viewing using their existing TV without sacrificing the image resolution. Each small screen shows the current score, the team in possession of the ball, and the game.

There is also a real-time score feature that includes statistical data from all games across the NFL. Viewers can see this information without having to interrupt the current game they are watching.

Another convenient feature is the Player Tracker, which is a useful tool for Fantasy Football managers. This tool helps to track player performance, so fantasy football managers can monitor how their roster is doing more easily. Using this tool, you can track up to twenty different players each Sunday during the regular season.

You can also choose to upgrade further to NFL Sunday Ticket Max which comes with these additional features:

  • Additional NFL channels
  • Choose your viewing device
  • Get help and advice on your fantasy roster
  • View scoring recaps from across the NFL

When you upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you’ll gain access to the Red Zone Channel, where you can review scoring drives and recaps that include additional information.

You also get access to the DIRECTV Fantasy Zone channel, where you can get expert help on your fantasy roster and pick up tips from some of the best team managers out there. Not only can this advice and specialized guidance assist with improving the performance of your fantasy football roster but it can also help you save some time.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket After the Season Starts?

To get the NFL Sunday Ticket package, you’ll need to have the DIRECTV Base Package already. If you need to subscribe to the base package you can do so at the DIRECTV website. Once the base package is in place, you can add the NFL Sunday Ticket package at any time.

One important note here is that DIRECTV offers different base packages, and not all of them qualify for adding on the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Therefore, you may be asked to upgrade to another base package first to get the NFL Sunday Ticket channels.

Subscribing to DIRECTV and upgrading your package is a relatively quick and painless process, but it’s best to set up your subscription in advance to avoid missing essential games played by your favorite teams.

What Channel is the NFL Sunday Ticket On?

Understanding the answer to “how does DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket work?” includes knowing what channels are available to you as part of the package. The NFL Sunday Ticket channels are in the low 700’s, and it’s worth checking out the DIRECTV listings to see the full and up to date schedule.

You can also set shortcuts so that you can see replays of games that you missed on the schedule, and package add-ons are available if you want more HD content. If you missed a game, you could use the shortcuts feature to see all of the highlights in thirty minutes or less.

There’s also an app for your phone that is included for when you’re on the go but want to stay up to date on the games that day. You can also use this app to see game highlights for games that you missed seeing in real-time.

Final Thoughts: Is DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Worth It?

So now that we’ve answered the question “how does DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket work?” we can see it’s worth subscribing based on other options available.

DIRECTV makes it very easy to sign up for their service, and their customer service is known for being much better than what Comcast or AT&T has to offer, but there are other factors to consider as well.

DIRECTV offers a wide range of packages that you can choose from, which makes their service more customizable to a customer’s needs. DIRECTV also provides a more significant number of channels, HD content, and is available nationwide, unlike Comcast, Dish TV, and most cable offerings.

This level of versatility and diverse TV programming makes DIRECTV a good value for your money, and the ability to add NFL Sunday Ticket can help you get even greater enjoyment without having to worry about the quality or amount of content available.

The channels offered through the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket package provide all of their content in HD, and the additional fee comes factored into the cost of specific packages. If the NFL Sunday Ticket price is not part of your current DIRECTV package, the price is clearly stated and billed on a defined date, so there are no surprises.

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