June 21, 2024

Time to Compare: DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR vs. DIRECTV’s DVR

dish hopper 3 vs directv dvr


We all love watching TV. That is no secret. If you are reading this article, you either stumbled on here and are wondering what this website writes about, or you know movies, TV shows, and media. I will go ahead and assume that you are the second group. You have a passion for media and love learning about new technology or shows that are coming out.

Well, I got some technology that will make your TV watching a lot easier now. We have all expereince those annoying tech problems where your channel does not change, or your DVR recorded over another show that you wanted to watch, or it is, in general, not a friendly customer experience.

When it comes to DVRs, it is important to get one that you can easily navigate and enjoy the functions. That is why, in this article, I am going to compare two of the top DVRs on the market. I will look into the features, the reviews, and the overall products to determine what the best buy for you is. So, enough of the introduction and let us get into the details.

DISH Hopper 3 DVR

First off, DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR. This is definitely a strong contender for the top DVR on the market. Here are just a few of the amazing features that this product offers their customers:

Find my remote

Ever since the TV and the remote have been made, it is still a mystery as to how the remote can get lost in a room. It is not like you walk around the house with the remote, yet it still gets lost. Problem solved. DISH now has a button on the hopper, when pressed, will cause your remote to beep and start blinking. This will allow you to know exactly where it is and save you ten minutes of mindlessly wandering around your house in hopes to find it.

Voice control

With new voice technology becoming more mainstream, you now are able to just tell your TV what you want to open, watch, fast forward, or any other command that you want. No more trying to scroll to find your favorite genre, just speak it.

Commercial skip

If losing your remote is not the most annoying problem you face, the next one will be those darn commercials. They interpret your watching, make you wait to finish the cliffhanger, and are just plain annoying. Not anymore. DISH has devised a solution called “AutoHop” where you can skip right over those commercials.

Ultimate DVR

As mentioned above, have you ever recorded a show to be surprised that someone recorded over it? This is no longer a problem. DISH’s Hopper 3 can now record up to 16 shows live, which is double than any competition. I just might cry writing this.

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Now, let us shift our attention to DirectTV’s Genie DVR. Here are just a few features to show the level of difference between these two products:

Record multiple shows

Now, while the Hopper 3 can record 16 shows lift, the Genie is able to record 5 shows live. While it is not the 16 shows that Hopper has, it is still a decent number that will help between family conflict.

Four room setup

Unlike the Hopper 3 that focused on a family using one device, the Genie focuses on families that want to watch TV in multiple rooms throughout the house. No more trying to fight for watching sports while your kids want to watch a cartoon and your wife wants to watch HGTV. You all get what you want and everyone is happy.

Multiple Channels at once

Now, if you do not have multiple rooms to separate the family into, DirectTV has a solution for you. If the challenge is that you want to watch sports, but there are just too many games, the Genie is able to play up to 8 different sports broadcasts on one screen. However, if the issue is more towards wanting to watch a completely different genre of shows, it has you covered on that too. You now have the option to watch two different shows side by side.

The Verdict

As you can see, both DVR services have benefits that suit different types of TV watchers. If you an avid watcher and have decided to watch multiple shows at once, the Hopper 3 is for you. However, if you have to split TV time with you family, the Genie could be the solution for you. Either way, both of these companies are reputable and have two of the top products that you can want on the market.

That being said, DISH’s Hopper 3 has definitely focused on the customer and solving some of the most annoying and pressing issues that we all face on a daily basis.

So, no more confusion on what to watch, where to watch it, or where your remote is. Enjoy your TV watching again at last.

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