April 2, 2020

DIRECTV Satellite TV – Prices, Packages & Deals in 2020

The most popular satellite TV provider in America – DIRECTV Satellite TV offers a wide choice of plans and package deals. Prices start at just $59.99 mo plus taxes. During an ongoing promotion, get valuable discounts and rewards when you sign up online.

Over the last decade, home-entertainment options for Americans have drastically increased. Not only have streaming services made it incredibly easy for people to watch a wide range of television shows and movies, they have made it possible for them to do so on the cheap.

It is harder than ever for pay-TV companies like Comcast and Verizon to maintain and grow their subscription base. With extra cost being a major concern for many of us, it’s clear that the high monthly fees and equipment fees most pay-TV companies are charging will drive people away.

However, not all pay-TV services are expensive. DIRECTV offers affordable pricing. And they come with many of the premium features like Genie HD DVR often found only in much pricier plans.

What DIRECTV Promotional Offers Are Available?

Sign up for DIRECTV with 155+ channels for only $49.99 mo and get a $50 AT&T Visa® Reward Card when ordered online. Activation fee (regular $19.95) is waived for all online orders!


Or combine both essential services onto one low monthly bill. Bundle DIRECTV with AT&T High Speed Internet for only $39.99 mo for 12 months and get $250 in AT&T Visa® Reward Cards. Price increases to $69.99 mo plus taxes after 1 year.

Get DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Deal

Sign up online and get an extra $25 reward card when you enter code SPRING25 at checkout.

What Is DIRECTV Satellite TV?

Similar to most other other pay-TV providers, Direct TV gives subscribers access to a wide variety of standard and high-definition channels, but it does so via direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) technology. When compared to other cable- and satellite-television providers, DIRECT TV is typically a better value, with full-featured plans starting as low as $59.99 mo plus taxes and additional fees.

Unlike most cable companies, DIRECTV does not provide phone or Internet service. However, DIRECTV partners with AT&T to offer bundled packages that include phone and high speed internet.

DIRECTV Packages and Plans

For the most part, the only differences between the plans listed below are the number of movie channel options like HBO & SHOWTIME, and local channels offered and the prices. Streaming services and DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR can be used with all plans.

Note that in some cases that pricing and availability may vary based on your service area. Companies like DIRECTV occasionally like to test out new pricing structures in different markets, so confirm your pricing and availability by visiting the DIRECTV sign up page and entering your zip code. Hurry because these promotional offers can end without notice.

DIRECTV NOW (60+ Channels)

Entry level TV streaming plan. Stream 60+ channels. Contact DIRECTV for today’s pricing.

DIRECTV SELECT All-Included (155+ Channels)

This is DIRECTV’s second cheapest, and in my opinion best option. The SELECT package has over 155 channels. The price is currently $49.99 mo for 12 months plus taxes.

ENTERTAINMENT All-Included (160 Channels)

Coming in at $54.99 mo for 12 months plus taxes, the ENTERTAINMENT package comes with 160+ channels.

CHOICE All-Included (185 Channels)

For $59.99 mo for 12 months plus taxes, residential customers get the CHOICE package, which comes with 185+ channels and the 2020 season of NFL Sunday Ticket.

XTRA All-Included (235 Channels)

With over 235 channels, the XTRA package is DIRECTV’s most popular option. The price is $69.99 mo for 12 months plus taxes.

ULTIMATE All-Included (250 Channels)

Described as the movie-lovers package, the ULTIMATE package comes with 250+ channels. Pricing is $74.99 mo for 12 months plus taxes.

PREMIER All-Included (330 Channels)

The PREMIER package is easily the most expensive option at $124.99 mo for 12 mos plus taxes. But it’s also the most complete. It has more than 330 channels, and over 200 of them are in full HD.

Premium Channels, Sports, and International Packages

In addition to the base plans described above, there are offers available for a wide variety of DIRECTV packages and add-ons including sports channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and the rest. For instance, residential customers can elect to subscribe to premium networks, like SHOWTIME, STARZ, HBO & Cinemax, for an additional monthly fee. If you act today, however, you can secure three free months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

If you elect to sign up for the CHOICE ($60 mo for 12 mos plus taxes and additional fees & taxes such as regional sports fee may apply) DIRECTV package or above, you’ll get the 2020 season of NFL Sunday Ticket included for free as well. Out-of-market games only. International packages, including Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese packages, are also available. Read more about NFL Sunday Ticket. Read more about MLB Network.

Are There Any Family DIRECTV Packages?

Technically, yes. There is a DIRECTV Family Package that costs only $29.99 per month plus taxes and includes about 18 extra channels.

However, it is probably NOT actually the best option for most families. That’s because for an additional $5 per month, you can get DIRECTV Select All Included, which includes over 155(!) channels. That’s 100 extra channels including Travel Channel, HGTV, and more.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which DTV package is best for your household. To see a list of channels included with the Family Package, visit this page.

DIRECTV App: Stream Live TV to Your Mobile Device or Computer

No matter which plan you subscribe to, you will gain access to more than 100 live channels on your phone, tablet, and computer with the DIRECTV App. There are also thousands of titles available On Demand. You can even access these when you’re away from home when you use the DIRECTV App.

Genie: DIRECTV’s HD DVR System

DIRECTV’s HD DVR system is known as Genie. It can be used to record up to five of your favorite shows at the same time and it can store up to 200 hours of HD content. When combined with Genie Minis, which are basically receivers for one Genie HD DVR, users have wireless access to their Genie HD DVR from any TV in range. Other interesting features, like the ability to watch two of your favorite shows at once on a single television, are nice to have as well… but the average person probably won’t use them much.

The Fine Print

Unless you pay close attention when signing up for pay TV & internet service, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be hit by at least a few additional fees, taxes, and equipment fees extra applies. This can be true with DIRECTV as well. The package prices listed are good for the first 12 months, then pay the prevailing rate. Autopay paperless bill req, but all DIRECTV offers require a 24-month agreement. So you can expect your monthly bill to increase once the first year of your plan is up. Prices higher in 2nd year. Also, don’t sign up for a 24-month plan with the intention of cancelling once your monthly fee goes up.

DIRECTV charges a $15 deactivation fee for early cancellations plus a prorated early cancellation fee of up to $20 per month.

Check Your DIRECTV Availability

Want to find out which DIRECTV package is available in your home? Click the link below, choose your service bundle, and enter your service address and email address on the following screen. Bundling all three broadband services on one bill is the most convenient option. But that’s only possible if it’s available in your service area.

Click here to sign up on the DIRECTV website and claim your VISA Reward Cards. You will get today’s BEST pricing and we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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14 thoughts on “DIRECTV Satellite TV – Prices, Packages & Deals in 2020

  1. The fine print will get you every time. Year two the cost/mo will double but “subject to change” as in triple if you’re not paying attention. Also have to be auto charged each month with your credit card that’s on file so you have more of a hassle disputing charges until you finally pull the plug and they still have your card to add some departing charges on you for anything they can think of. They were trying to charge me for not returning the dish that is still mounted on my roof. Sent receivers back but told them to come get their dish if they wanted it back. DTV and Dish are equally disgusting.

  2. have direct at this time. Price is getting out of sight. Tried talking to a representative. Got nowhere there. After a half hour it was suggested I switch to the choice package and I could save some money. I asked to have the listing of choice channels e mailed to me. Well I cannot gert them because I have no ATT account number. I do have a direct number. I called back and was told to go to Direct TV. com and I would get the listings. I tried for a long time to no avail. Finally retried this afternoon got on website as you can see, but all I see is prices for new customers. Apparently loyal customers who pay on time no longer mean anything. You can be sure I will be investigating alternatives.

    1. I feel your pain. Been a customer for years. Three months in a row I’ve rec’d an increase – I am pretty much done. Most of their channels are reruns anyway. Can’t get a straight answer out of their AT&T C/S

      1. Agree, been with Direct TV since1999, only new customers get their promo price. I don’t have AT&T in my area, so can’t bundle. I have spent so many hours on the phone with them, absolutely NO help

    2. My prices skyrocketed also so I called Dish and they gave me a great deal. They have changed for the better. If anyone wants my direct tv dish it’s on the side of my house.

  3. Wow! The packages shown above are great. I bought Directv Around 8 months back and got a really great deal. I like the HD quality and seriously they are providing a lot of HD channels as compared to others. I loved It.

  4. Larry March 22, 201
    direct does not care at all about keeping existing customers, my bill doubled 2 year, called customer service,,, they said the best they could do , was take 5.00 per month off of what i will be paying, to call back again in 30 days for ,,this is my third month of calling , supervisors were not help either,, they dont want to keep existing paying customers . I assume that it is the AT&t big business mentality of doing business. I will look at other

  5. We have had Directv for almost 30 years and I am getting so sick of having to call in every 6 months to find out if there are better prices. We are loyal customers, but I guess that means NOTHING!! There are so many other options out there right now for streaming, I would think that AT&T would be begging to keep their customers, but I guess they don’t care. I just got off of the phone AGAIN to try and get my bill lowered. They told me to call back next month and see if there are any promotions. How stupid is this? Give a decent price and stick to it!! I am looking for other options right now and Hulu live is looking pretty good. Looks like I will be calling Directv to come get their equipment.,

  6. The figures quoted are a little out of date. Here are current rates, as at 29 December 2019. I taook them from the DirectTV site today. The first two plans only showed up after I did a search of the web site; DTV probably don’t want you to know about them too much.

    Bear in mind that for most of these plans, the rates will increase automatically after one year.
    1 – Total choice Family: 55 channels: $29.99 month.
    2 – Select: 155+ channels: $59.99 month.
    3 – Entertainment: 150+ channels: $70.99 month.
    4 – Choice: 175+ channels: $87.99 month.
    5 – Xtra: 220+ channels: $101.99 month.
    6 – Ultimate: 240+ channels: $112.99 month.
    7 – Premier: 315+ channels: $166.99 month.

  7. Need to know if direct tv offers a bundled service that includes: Internet, cable tv and phone service. This is the package I currently have with my service provider. Will be moving before end of January, considering switching providers, this depends on whether I can get the same type of bundled package.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      As far as I can tell, AT&T DIRECTV is not offering a bundle including phone service anymore. They have decided just to focus on Internet + TV.

  8. One thing to know about to stream your service from phone or PC when not at home is you CAN’T STREAM YOUR DVR to PC at all and I’m pretty sure you can only stream to phone when you’re in WIFI range.

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